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Children with:
Ann Hinds

William Nathaniel Hoskins
William, Sr. Hoskins
  • Born: 1613, Cork, Ireland
  • Married 31 Dec 1638, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA, to Ann Hinds
  • Married 2 Nov 1636 to Sarah Cushman
  • Died: 7 Sep 1695, Plymouth, Plymouth, MA

    Willm Hoskine: August 1643 Among males that are able to beare armes between the ages of 16 and 60, New Plymouth. NEHGR 4:255 from a copy of the original record, Shurtleff.

    Ann Hind(e) married Mr. William Hoskins of Plymouth, planter, as his second wife, Dec. 21, 1638. (Pope's Pioneers, p. 234.)

    William Hoskine (sic) and his wife Anne sued John Dunford for slander. They asked for 60. The jury found for the plantiffs and assessed the damages at 20s and the charges of the Court; and "John Dunford, for his slaunders, clamors, lude and euell carriage, p'ued as well by his owne confession as otherwise, is censured to dept. the gou'ment wthin the space of three months next ensuing, and in the mean tyme wel to behaue himself . . .

    Dec 24, 1657 Wm. Hoskins takes inventory of James Hurst, Plymouth, deceased NEHGR 5:386 (Will Abstracts)

    Wm Hoskins: 16 Lot abutteth on the path with two white Oaks marked NEHGR 3:337, Sketches of the early history of Marlborough.

    Will, Oct 24, 1665. John Hoskins and Wm. Hoskins, Jr. receive bequests in the will of Nicholas Miller, alias Hodgis. NEHGR 6:187 (Will abstracts)

    Richard2 Briggs married in Taunton 15 Aug. 1662 Rebecca2 Hoskins of Lakenham (Carver) Mass., died about 1719-20, daughter of William 1 and Ann Hinds Hoskins. William Hoskins was born in County Cork Ireland, about 1615, son of Henry and Anne (Winthrop) Hoskins. (NEHGR 125:80) Briggs of Taunton Family

    Elizabeth, daughter of William Hoskins, married July 7, 1666, Ephraim
    Tilson, the youngest son of Edward Tilson and Joanna his wife, and one of
    five children.NEHGR 29:110, Note & Queries

    Plymouth Colony Records, Taunton: William Hoskins, to Sarah Casewell, July 3, 1677.

    WILLIAM HOSKINS, the progenitor of the Hoskins family in America settled in Scituate, Plymouth Co., MA prior to 1634 and then moved to Plymouth, MA where he became a freeman in 1634. , born ca. 1612, County Cork, Ireland, died Sep. 7, 1695, Lakenham, Plymouth Co., MA, married (1), Nov. 2, 1636 at Plymouth, MA, Sarah Cushman, who died Dec. 1637 shortly after the birth of Sarah.

    Sarah, born Sep. 16, 1637, Plymouth, married Dec. 4, 1660, Plymouth, MA Benjamin Eaton, born 1692, Plymouth, MA, son of Francis and Christian (Penn)
    Married (2) Dec. 21, 1638, Plymouth Ann Hinds (or Hynes), born 1615/16 in England (Court records in Plymouth show Ann Hinde, wife of William Hoskins, on Mar. 2, 1642 was examined by the court in Plymouth in a case pending before it).
    Mary, born 1639/40, Plymouth, MA, married (1) Nov. 28, 1660 Edward Cobb, Mar. (2) May 15, 1676, Samuel Phillips
    and poss. (3) Richard Godfrey Mar. 26, 1684.
    Rebecca, born 1642/43, Plymouth, MA, married Aug. 15, 1662, Richard Briggs
    John, born Nov. 1647 in Plymouth
    Elizabeth, born 1644/45, Plymouth, MA, died Oct. 8, 1715, married Jul. 7,1666, Ephraim Tilson
    Richard, born Nov. 30, 1647 (most records left him un-named)
    SAMUEL, born Aug. 8, 1654, Plymouth, MA.
    William, born Sep. 7, 1659, died Mar. 26 - May 27, 1730, Taunton, MA, married Jul. 3, . 1677 Sarah Caswell

    Note: from "Pioneers in Massachusetts", p.234
    Mr. William Hoskins, planter, Plymouth, frm. 1634, juryman 1636. Propr. He m. Nov. 2, 1636, Sarah Cushman. He m. 21 Dec. 1638, Ann Hynes. Rem. to Ipswich about 1641. He deposed Sept. 29, 1691, ae. about 69 years; had occupied beach privileges fifty years. Placed his dau. Sarah with Thomas and Winnifride Whitney 2 Jan. 1643, to remain till 20 years of age. Wife Ann deposed 2 March, 1641; had lived before marriage at the house of Mr. Derby, father of John and Richard D. Ch. -- b. 30 Nov. 1647, Samuel b. 8 Aug. 1654.

    from "History of the Town of Middleboro Massachusetts", Thomas Weston, Houghton, Mifflin and Company, Boston and New York, 1906.

    William Hoskins came from England about 1635, and was one of the freeman that year. He married Sarah Cushman, and as a second wife, Ann Hynes, or Hinds.
    There is but little doubt that upon the incorporation of Middleboro as a town, in 1669, he was chosen town clerk, and continued in that office until 1693, although there is no official record of his election before May 24, 1681. At that time he was unanimously chosen to that office. His first election cannot be verified, as all of the town records were destroyed during the Indian War [King Philip's War]. He lived in Middleboro before the Indian War, in the house of William Clark, and kept the original deed and records of the Prince and Coombs Purchase, and probably the records of the town. He is one of the soldiers "from Middleboro" who took part in the war, and was promised a grant of land for his services at Narragansett.
    His name is on the list of those who, on June 3, 1662, applied to the General Court at Plymouth in reference to a grant to be made to them as being the first-born children of this government, and for disposing of two several tracts of land lately purchased, the one by Major Winslow and the other by Captain Southworth. He was on the jury with John Tomson and Sergeant Ephraim Tinkham to try an Indian for murder in 1674. February 6, 1665, he was appointed administrator of the estate of Nicholas Hodgis, alias Miller, deceased. He had received a grant of land in Lakenham.
    He was one of the men in the Twenty-six Men's Purchase and also in the Purchade Purchase, but at the breaking out of the war he does not appear to have been an owner in any portion of that land. His name is among the former proprietors of the liberties of Middleboro, but before 1677 his interest therein passed to George Vaughan, Sr. He lived in Scituate, Plymouth, and Taunton, and in 1680 was "grown old and feeble."
    His children were Sarah, born September 16, 1636; William, born November 30, 1647; Samuel, born August 8, 1654.
    from "American Marriage Records Before 1699" Addenda

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