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Merovaeus (Merovius) (Meerweg) King of the Salic Franks

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Children with:
Verica [Merovee] ??

Sigimerus I Auvergne

Childeric I de Meroving King of the Salic Franks
Merovaeus (Merovius) (Meerweg) King of the Salic Franks
  • Born: Abt 411, France
  • Married Abt 435 to Verica [Merovee] ??
  • Died: Abt 458

    pict1807.jpg [128x163] Merovaeus Merovee
    Titles: Traditionally called king of the Franks (Roi des Francs)
    Reign: 447/448 - 456/457 (traditional dates)
    End of reign: 456/457 (traditional dates), died
    Name/byname: Also called: in English Merovech, Merovich, Meroveus, Merwich or Merowig; in German: Merowech

    Mérovée was probably the relative (1) or the son (2) of Clodion. He governed the Salian Franks, from whom Frankish tradition held the Merovingian dynasty to have taken its name. Nothing definite is known of Mérovée's life. He is mentioned in Gregory of Tours's History of the Franks and, according to later sources, fought along with Ætius and king of the Visigoths Theodoric I against Attila the Hun at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains (451). Mérovée expanded the borders of his kingdom to the Roman provinces Belgica Secunda and Germania.

    Notes: (1) Gregory of Tours, History of the Franks, Book 2, chapter 9; (2) The Fredegarius Chronicle, III, 9.

    Sources: Text: R. P. Anselme, Histoire de la maison royale de France et des grands officiers de la Couronne, Paris: Estienne Loyson, 1674; The Britannica Encyclopædia, Multimedia Edition, ©1994-1998;
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